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Amber Mitchell
Gender Female
Birthday 5/16/2024
Full Name Amber Marie Mitchell
Family Cameron and Hannah
Relationships none
Sexuality straight
Vocal Range like Hannah's
Audition Song love story by Taylor Swift
Likes singing and acting
Dislikes getting teased
Strengths not caring what people think
Weaknesses the fact that people dont like her
Occupation a student Musetta's Waltz member
Portrayer Miley Cyrus

Amber is the daughter of Cameron of and Hannah and the older sister of Lauren Mitchell.

She grew up on a farm with her sister Lauren. she was taut music from a young age by her mum hannah. at school despite her talent she isn't the highest on social ladder. she has a few friends and she comes alive when she is singing and dancing. her dream is to be a platium recording artist and she thinks glee club could help that. she loves country and top 40 songs and her fave artist is taylor Swift, that is why love story was her audition song.


  • Favorite food: pasta
  • Favorite artist: Taylor Swift
  • Favorite book: she doesn't like reading
  • Favorite TV show: Modern family
  • Favorite broadway: Wicked
  • Favorite song: she has heaps
  • Best/Favorite role she has played in: ruth in her primary schools paly

Best friends:

  • Current boyfriend: None
  • Loyalties: Her family; Musetta's Waltz;
  • Favorite instruments: giutar
  • Favorite cartoon: Doesn't watch any
  • Favorite Disney movie: peter pan
  • Favorite animal: rabbit
  • Favorite word: music
  • Favorite flower: daisy
  • Favorite store: Smiggle
  • Favorite music: country and top 40
  • Favorite sport: netball
  • Favorite subject: drama
  • Favorite color: purple
  • Favorite movie: last song
  • Usual outfit: anything in fashion