Cameron Daniels
Gender Male
Birthday May 5, 2023
Full Name Cameron Daniels
Family Claire Daniels
Tim Daniels
Relationships Tina Anderson-Hummel (girlfriend)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Soprano (he has a really high voice)
Audition Song N/A
Likes Cookies
Being with Tina
Playing the Piano
Dislikes Mean People
Bad Singers
Ugly Outfits
Strengths Singing
Playing the Piano
Weaknesses Having to be mean to others
Occupation Student
McKinley High Student
Member of the Cookie Society
Member of the Music Lovers Club
Portrayer Chris Colfer

Current and Past Life

Cameron Daniels was born on May 5, 2023 by Claire and Tim Daniels. He was born in Clovis, CA but his parents decided to move to Lima, OH for a job offering when he was 5 years old. As Cameron was little he traveled a lot with his family. At the age of 6 the got an interest in fashion while visiting Paris. While vistiting Italy with his parents, he got an interest in cooking and baking. During past school years, Cameron got bullied a lot for being 'Different that regular boys'. He once got threatened by a guy in middle school, forcing him to get home schooled for a year. He still has frightning flashbacks every once an awhile, and turns bitter for a moment. Cameron is a very intellegent person with a GPA of 4.1. He also has an interest in broadway, ever since his parents took him to see Wicked on broadway. Cameron also has an 'obsession' over cookies because he thinks that they are 'The BEST dessert in the world'. Cameron is currently dating Tina Anderson-Hummel ever sinse they met on The Cookie Society meetings. He currently goes to Mckinley High School as a junor.

Favorites of Cameron

  • Color: Blue
  • Musical: Wicked
  • Food: Cookies, or Steak
  • Drink: Diet Coke
  • Animal: Llama
  • Number: 20
  • Place: Disneyland
  • Singer: Lady Gaga
  • Youtubers: Smosh, Nigahiga, Kevjumba
  • Books: Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series
  • Perfume: Rain by Marc Jacobs
  • T.V. show: Cartoons, of course
  • Cartoon Character: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Word: Happiness
  • Movie: Despicable Me


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