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Camille Charlotte Anderson-Hummel
Gender Female
Full Name Camille Charlotte Anderson-Hummel

Blaine Anderson (biological father)

Kurt Hummel (adoptive father)

unknow surrogate mother

Tina Anderson-Hummel (sister)

Nathan Anderson-Hummel (brother)

Dylan Hudson (Cousin)

Finn Hudson (Step-uncle)

Burt Hummel (grandfather)

Carole Hudson (Step-grandmother)

Mrs. Hummel (grandmother)

Pavarotti (pet)


Alison Jones (Ex-Crush)

Vivian Elise Evans (Ex-Girlfriend)

Lucille Dianna Evans (Girlfriend)

Vocal Range

Audition Song Firework by Katy Perry
Likes singing, dancing
Dislikes Break-ups
Strengths Ballads, Cheerleading, Dancing, Singing
Weaknesses Alison Jones
Occupation Student
Portrayer Laurakeee (Selena Gomez)

Camille Charlotte Anderson-Hummel is the surrogate daugter of Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel. Camille is currently 15 years old, and her birthday is on June 23, 2024. She has a sister named Tina Anderson-Hummel and a brother named Nathan Anderson-Hummel . Her vocal range is a Mezzo-soprano, and she plays the Piano. She loves fashion! And she thinks she is Bi but she is not sure about that. She is besties with Maureen Mimi St. James.Her friends can call her Cam. She is Friends with Vivian Elise Evans, Alison Jones and Lucille Evans. Alison asked her to be a cheerio and she auditioned for the cheerios and became a cheerio. She quitted the New Directions and joined The Troubletones



Mimi - Camille[]

Mimi and Camille where Besties, but then Mimi called Camille fat and she cryed whole the time.

Vivian - Camille[]

Camiv: Vivian and Camille made out at her home, but Camille broke up with Vivian because she wanted to marry her, but Camille thought it was to quick (Vivian wanted to marry Camille after 1 day). But now they are dating again. But Camille broke up with her again.

Alison - Camille[]

Camson : Alison and Camille had feelings for each other, but Alison is back with Lucille, and Camille is with Vivian. So Alison and Camille are like besties now. Camille still has feelings for Alison. It's unknow of Alison has feelings for Camille.

Lucille - Camille[]

Camcille: Soon after Camille finds out Alison still has feelings for Lucille. Camille is heart broken because of that and Lucille befriends her. Then Lucille comes back fromher 2 month vacaction and finds out that Camille still has feelings for Alison. Lucille thinks that Alison doesn't like her anymore. So Lucille goes to Chloe's house but then Camille joins them and Lucille talks with her. Lucille breaks up with Alison. And then Lucille and Camille have feelings for each other. Then they start dating.

Tina - Camille

Tina and Camille are sisters, Blaine is of both there biological father and Kurt is there adoptive. But they have both another unknow surrogate mother.