Christopher Evans
Gender Male
Birthday 2024
Full Name Christopher Walker Evans
Family Quinn Evans
Sam Evans
Lucille Dianna Evans
Vivian Elise Evans
Relationships Sapphire Herrara(girlfriend)
Chloe Berry (ex-girlfriend)
Musetta St. James (ex-girlfriend from Freshman year, kept it a secret)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Tenor (A3-A6)
Audition Song Tonight, Tonight
Likes Singing
Dislikes  ??
Strengths  ??
Weaknesses Dyslexia
Occupation Student
Portrayer Chord Overstreet

Christopher Evans is a sophomore currently attending William McKinely High School. He is a part if the very large Evans family, and is currently dating Sapphire Herrara, his ex-girlfriend's, Musetta St. James, cousin. Although he is unaware Chloe has feelings for Tom. He soon was dumped by Chloe, and is dating Sapphire Herrara.

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