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Featured couple! Quartie


Quartie, aka Quinn Fabray and Artie Abrahms is the HOTTEST new crack couple. This crack couple consists of an ex-cheerleader, who turns into punk, and a wheel-chair football player. This couple was first discovered when Kevin Mchale aka Artie Abrams wanted Quartie in Season 3. There fore, a user, named SweetPorcelain made a blog explaining WHY she ships Quartie. In the Glee Wiki Team, it has over 30 SIGNATURES! This is apparently the best new crack couple!

Shippers of Quartie, I hope you enjoy this article, apparently, no sign of Quartie in S3 of Glee YET! But we will NOT give up our hope ;)

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Second featured couple! St. Berry

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If you may NOT know this, but ALL the admins on here are all St. Berrians. What is St. Berry you may say? The shipping between Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James. St. Berry is the only Jesse St. James couple there is and you'll see. Although Jesse is NOT returning for S3, this couple, which has died unfortunately, is ALWAYS in out hearts.

St. Berry started in the episode "Hello" of Season 1. It lasted for at least 6-10 episodes, and broke up in "Funk". Although, this couple is very SHORT lived, but, they have better chemistry than Finchel and Puckleberry. They both have same intrests, cannot beat each other on Diva-Off, and are REMARKABLY talented.

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Third featured couple! Klaine


This couple is the Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson realtionship. They are openly gay and are "loud and proud". It is very fortunate we have this couple doing AMAZING duets. Candles, have you heard there version, if you havent, LISTEN TO IT.

Every admin is also a Klainer, remember that!

Featured Couples Duet

thumb|300px|right|Featured DuetLucky was sung by Fabrevans couple on glee. Please listen to this EPIC love song. </font>


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