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Danielle Puckerman
Gender Female
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Portrayer Christina Perri

16 year old Danielle C. Puckerman, preffered to be called as Dani, is a small town girl living with her parents, Noah and Sunshine Puckerman. They recently moved to Lima, Ohio when Mr. Puckerman's job was moved from San Francisco, California. Dani, an average student at McKinely High School, is a tough, protective girl with lot's of swagger. She can be mean at some times, but once you get to know her, she can be a real friend.

Dani, a sporty girl, earned her scholarship to attend McKinely High for the school football and swim team. She doesn't just play football and swim. She also does a ton of other sports like lacrosse, basketball, track, cross country, tennis, and soccer. She's even a pretty decent dancer.

Although highly athletic, she's a great musician, too. She plays guitar, ukalela, bass, drums, and piano. But Dani has another instrument she plays. Her voice. Nobody is aware of her strong, beautiful, soprano melody except her dad and her best friend, Irael, aka Izzy.