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Elena Johnson is a new girl, she has a sister Rebecca Johnson.

Elena Johnson
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Gender Female
Birthday March 10, 2023
Full Name Elena Kathrine Johnson
Family Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Rebecca Johnson (sister)

Relationships Shane Hampton (Crush)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Mezzo-Soprano
Audition Song With ur Love by Cher Lloyd
Likes Singing


Dislikes Broadway

Slushing kids

Strengths Dancing


Weaknesses Leadership
Occupation Student
Portrayer Cher Lloyd

Early Life[]

Elena was a very happy child (unlike her sister, who was a very sad and harsh child). She and her sister constantly bickered.

Current Life[]

Elena lives with her sister and is attending McKinley High.


Elena is the exact polar opposite of her sister, Rebecca. She is very sweet, nice, and caring. She is not as harsh, sarcastic, or mean as her sister. She does care for people, and is not fliratious.

Pictures of Elena[]