Gracie Newton
Mia Talerico-1
Gender Female
Birthday December 7th 2037
Full Name Gracie Jennifer Newton
Family Oliver Newton (Father)

Brittany Pierce (Surrogate Mother)

Heather Lopez-Pierce (Sister)

Brad Pierce (Brother)

Nicolas Newton (Brother)

Relationships None
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range N/A
Audition Song N/A
Likes Loud Noises

Stuffed Animals

Finger Painting

Dislikes Being Dirty

Losing a Stuffy

Strengths Painting


Weaknesses Fear
Occupation Baby
Portrayer Mia Talerico

Gracie Jennifer Newton was born December 7th 2037. She lives with her father and younger older brother. She usually spends her time around home playing with her stuffed animals, finger painting, or just looking adorable.

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