Leven Rambin

Hallie at a party

Hallie Corcoran
Gender Female
Birthday December 7, 2023
Full Name Hallie Grace Corcoran
Family Beth Corcoran (Mom)

Hayden Henry (Dad) Jade Henry (Sister) Shelby Corcoran (Grandma) Quinn Fabray (Grandma) Sam Evans (Grandfather) Vivian Evans (Aunt) Lucille Evans (Aunt)

Relationships Brad Pierce (Crush)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Soprano
Audition Song Only Girl in the World by Rihanna
Likes Brad

Family Playing with Ketchup

Dislikes Rowan

Phoebe Losing

Strengths Singing


Weaknesses Boys
Occupation Student

Musetta's Waltz member

Portrayer Leven Rambin
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