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Heather Lopez-Pierce
[[Erin Heatherton HM 2704111 11-398x466-1-.jpg|250px]]
Gender Female
Birthday June 20th 2024
Full Name Heather Ann Lopez-Pierce
Family Brad Pierce (Adoptive Brother)

Brittany & Santana Lopez-Pierce (Adoptive Parents)

Relationships N/A
Sexuality {{{Sexuality}}}
Vocal Range Mezzo-Soprano
Audition Song Somewhere from West Side Story
Likes Singing

Horses Boys

Dislikes Snakes


Strengths Her vocal range.
Weaknesses Break-Ups
Occupation N/A
Portrayer Erin Heatherton

Heather Lopez-Pierce is the adoptive daughter of Brittany and Santana Lopez-Pierce and adopted sister to Brad. She currently attends William Mckinley High School, and is a member of the Glee Club.

Early Life[]

As mostly everyone knows, Heather was adopted by her mothers, which scars her, knowing that her own mother gave her up for adoption.