Jocelyn Evans
Jocelyn evans
Gender Female
Birthday December 18th
Full Name Jocelyn Evans
Family Quinn Evans (mother)
Sam Evans (father
Michelle Evans (sister)
Vivian Elise Evans (sister)
Relationships Had a boyfriend in boarding school. Many dates. New to the school so not really any friends.
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Vocal Range Soprano (C4-D7)
Audition Song Breathe-Taylor Swift
Likes Guitar, boys, singing, animals.
Dislikes Drama Queens,
Strengths Guitar, piano, listening.
Weaknesses Gets sad easy, sports.
Occupation Student
Portrayer Ashley Tisdale
Jocelyn evans is the daughter of Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray. She has a twin, michelle Evans, and a sister Vivian Evans. She has been going to a far away boarding school for the past 6 months but didn't like it because she missed everyone, or could it be more than that? Why did she leave..? She is now a new student at Mckinley. She is in the glee club. Jocelyn is a nice girl, not shy but sometimes keeps to herself. She is a easy to get along with but if you get on her bad side she won't let it by. She can be stupid but mai

Joce and her new puppy.

nly obliviuos. She sings country
Ashley-tisdale (10)

Jocelyn auditioning for glee club.

music, and is
Normal tw002

Ashley playing her guitar.

never seen

Jocelyn singing at a local film festival.

singing without her guitar!!
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