Kim Hudson
Gender Female
Birthday 2023
Full Name Kim Jane Hudson
Family Finn Hudson (father) Sugar Motta (mother) Dylan Hudson (brother) Joy Hudson (sister)
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Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Mezzo-Soprano
Audition Song Mr.Know It All By: Kelly Clarkson
Likes Kelly Clarkson ( her idol) Family Being A Leader
Dislikes Fighting
Strengths Leadership Singing Athletic Doesnt do much in class but somehow manages to get really good grades
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Occupation Glee Club


Portrayer Troian Bellisario

Kim Rose Hudson is a junior in High School. She is one of the children of Finn/Sugar. Her brother and sister is Dylan and Joy Hudson. Her idol is Kelly Clarkson, one day when she graduates from high school she wants to go to California and go to a University that has a good arts program then after settling in she wants to go audition of American Idol just like Kelly Clarkson did. She has very good leadership skills. She isnt afraid of what shes go to say and will stick up for others. She is also very athletic. She loves to tease her younger siblings but in a caring way. Also she doesnt pay muuch attention in class she mostly talks to her friends but somehow she still gets amazing grades. She also loves flowers. One of her friends is Natalie Abrams.

Some of Her Life StoryEdit

Kim just moved in with her father and brother and sister. She used to live with her mom Sugar. Also she used to go to school at Crawford Country Day. But she tranferred to Mckinley High since her brother and sister go there.

Kim-Natalie FriendshipEdit

these two are good friends and they met in California when they were both on vacation. But now since Kim transferred school's they are both at the same school.

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