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Nathan Hummel-Anderson
Gender Male
Birthday January, 21st
Full Name Nathan Blaine Hummel-Anderson
Family {{{Family}}}
Relationships Natalie Abrams (Kisse, Going to a dance)

Alison (Close Friend) Lucy (Friend)

Sexuality {{{Sexuality}}}
Vocal Range {{{Vocal Range}}}
Audition Song Teenage Dream (Blaine's version)
Likes {{{Likes}}}
Dislikes {{{Dislikes}}}
Strengths Speaking the truth, he keeps it real and he is hilarious
Weaknesses Feelings
Occupation Student
Portrayer Justin Bieber

He's the brother of Tina and Camille.

He is 16 years old, and the surrogate son of Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel, He is a popular jock. He always scheaming (like his role model Santana Lopez) and has to get his way.

He lives in Lima Heights Adjacent, he decided to move closer to his role model, she is his idol. Blaine got very mad at this decision and told Santana she was a bad influenece. He wants to move back in with his family, but Santana won't allow it. He oftens visits Blaine and Kurt in there happy home. He is having an affair with his step-sister Alisson that no one knows about.

He has one true friend Natalie Ashford knows everything about him. They often fight because she calls him Nat, a nickname he hates.