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Nicole Allison
Gender Female
Birthday Nov. 17, 2025
Full Name Nicole Karen Allison
Family Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
Relationships None
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Soprano (C4-C6)
Audition Song Good Girls (Parody of Nice Guys by Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu and Chester See)
Likes Music
Glee Club
Dislikes Clingy Guys
Strengths Singing
Playing Instruments
Weaknesses Asian F
Occupation Student
Current Troubletones member
Portrayer Jamie Chung

Nicole is the daughter of normal Asian parents. She is a person who worries too much about her grades. Her current grades are straight A's.

Early Life

Nicole was raised strictly in solitude and isolation. She was forced to study for long periods of time. Her childhood made her a bit mean, and unsymphatic. She is usually fun, but stubborn and insecure.


Nicole is a pretty girl, but she is actually a straightforward person. She is one to speak her mind, and has issues with slow people. Nicole is impatient, but she is nice. She is pretty smart, but totally has a spasm attack when she gets the "Asian F". Her grades are important to her, obviously, as they mean that she could get into a good college. Also, Nicole is very honest, and blunt. She's loyal, and never strays. Also, Nicole can impersonate someone and she knows many different accents.


  • She is a bit aggresive
  • Nicole usually wears: skirts or skinny jeans, loose cotton shirts, or dresses.
  • Has straight A's
  • Aiming for one of the four good colleges
  • Hopes to fall in love
  • Is very fast-paced