This page has a list of all OC's, a quick description, and there parents. If you wish to make a OC you must follow these rules: OC Rules. Failure to follow these terms will result in immediate termination of your OC.

List of Oc's

Owned by FaithfullyFinchelForever

Owned by FinchelFreak

Owned by ILoveGlee

Owned by Ilovekurtandblaine

Owned by Im a Klainer

  • Dylan Hudson, Parents: Finn/ Sugar aka ??-Owned by Im A Klainer, Quick Description: Alot like his father, endg, dates Mimi, stops Mimi from drug use.
  • Kim Hudson, Parents: Finn/Sugar aka ??- Owned by Im A Klainer, Quick Description: She is athletic and in the cheerios. Her idol is Kelly Clarkson.

Owned by LiveOutLoud

Owned By PlatinumSoul

Owned by Others

Unknown Owner

  • No unknown owned OC's at the time.

List of Parents


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