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Olivia von Bleicken
Gender Female
Birthday Mar. 29, 2025
Full Name Olivia Natalia von Bleicken
Family Marrisa von Bleicken
Samuel Larsen
Kristy von Bleicken
Relationships Derek Schuester (Crush)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Alto (F3-F5)
Audition Song Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Likes Music
Glee Club
Dislikes Annoying people
Strengths Singing
Weaknesses N/A
Occupation Student
Current ND member
Portrayer Emma Stone

Olivia is the daughter of Marissa von Bleicken and Samuel Larsen. Her sister is Kristy von Bleicken.

Early Life[]

Olivia was raised in the shadow of her sister. She never spoke out of turn. It was always Olivia that was thought of, second. She never held any grudges though. Sometimes, however, Olivia would be jealous and she would be quieter than she usually was, which was hard.

Olivia listened to pop, and loved it, unlike the R&B and soul music her mother always sang.

Olivia is a natural redhead, like her mother and sister. Although, her hair tone is darker than their's. The reason, is because of her father's dark hair, mixing with the light color of her mother's hair, thus causing a dark redheaded girl, which was Olivia. Her sister has a lighter tone than her for some odd reason.

Current Life[]

Olivia is currently a student at William McKinley High School. She is not in her sister's shadow anymore. Olivia is a bright, unfazed girl that loves music and the arts. She is currently in intermediate orchestra and she is learning the viola. She is also in glee club.

Olivia is a major supporter of musicals and broadways. She often has a role in one, even if it's minor. Usually, she's a minor character, but that doesn't bring her down.

Olivia is making good marks in school. She is sometimes timid and won't look at her grade until everyone else has. Her best subject is math and orchestra.


  • Favorite Food: Blueberry muffin
  • Favorite Artist: Lady Gaga
  • Favorite Book: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  • Favorite TV show: House
  • Favorite Broadway: The Addams Family
  • Favorite Song: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
  • Best/Favorite Role She's Played: N/A
  • GPA: 3.5
  • Best friends: N/A
  • Current boyfriend: N/A
  • Loyalties: Family, etc.
  • Favorite Instrument: Viola
  • Favorite Cartoon: N/A
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Sound of Music
  • Favorite Animal: Rottweiler
  • Favorite Word: Trust
  • Favorite Flower: Alcea/Hollyhock
  • Favorite Store: Hollister
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Sport: N/A
  • Favorite Subject: Math
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Movie: Sherlock Holmes
  • Usual Outfit: T-shirt, skinny jeans, DC shoes