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Phoebe Evans
Gender Female
Birthday October 2, 2024
Full Name Phoebe Quinn Samantha Evans
Family Quinn Evans
Sam Evans
Christopher Evans
Lucille Dianna Evans
Vivian Elise Evans
Jocelyn Evans
Relationships None
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Soprano (C4-C6)
Audition Song Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine
Likes Reading
Glee Club
Dislikes Liars
Strengths Singing
Playing Piano
Weaknesses Writing
Occupation Student
Works at Apple
Current Troubletones Member
Portrayer Jennifer Lawerence

Phoebe Evans is the youngest of the Evans family.

She is kind, sweet and cool. Phoebe dresses in mostly pastel colors and is a girly dresser.

Although she acts a bit tomboyish. Phoebe is athletic, like the rest of her family. She is also smart, and has straight A's. Despite her intelligence, she is a procrastinator. Phoebe is not afraid to admit things, and she stands for what she believes in. Also, she will take the blame for things that she did not do, for her friends. Her ideal guy is creative, photogenic, and nice.

Phoebe likes taking pictures, and draws quite well, and harbors a hobby in photography. Her favorite places are the park, Breadstix, etc. Also, she is fluent in English, Russian, etc. Phoebe plays a wide variety of instruments. Also, she can be loud and silly, then quiet and soft-spoken. Phoebe is considered the outgoing, sweet cheerleader type with a bit of a wild side.

Early Life

Phoebe was a content person as a child. She was silly, adorable, and smart. Growing around many siblings toughened her up a lot. When she was young, she looked like her mother.

When Phoebe was young, she completely adored her brothers and sisters, and looked up to them.



  • Favorite food: (She's not picky and can eat anything)
  • Favorite artist: (She has a lot)
  • Favorite book: (Also, a lot)
  • Favorite TV show: New Girl
  • Favorite broadway: Wicked
  • Favorite song: (She has a lot)
  • Best/Favorite role she has played in: None
  • GPA: 6.5
  • Best friends: Tina Anderson-Hummel, etc.
  • Current boyfriend: None
  • Loyalties: Her family; New Directions (formerly); Musetta's Waltz; Cheerios (currently)
  • Favorite instruments: Piano
  • Favorite cartoon: Doesn't watch any
  • Favorite Disney: Mulan
  • Favorite animal: Cow
  • Favorite word: Love
  • Favorite flower: Rose (favorite color: Red)
  • Favorite store: Hot Topic
  • Favorite music: Anything but Country
  • Favorite sport: Cheer
  • Favorite subject: Science
  • Favorite color: Pastel colors
  • Favorite movie: I am Number Four
  • Usual outfit: Pastel colored dresses, matching cardiagans, ballet flats