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Piper Moore
Gender Female
Birthday Sept. 12, 2025
Full Name Piper Michelle Moore
Family Unknown mother
Unknown father
Relationships None
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range Alto (G3-F5)
Audition Song Please Don't Leave Me by P!nk
Likes Music
Glee Club
Playing instruments
Dislikes Bullies
Strengths Singing
Weaknesses Perfectionist
Occupation Student
Current New Directions member
Portrayer Bonnie Wright

Piper is a young student at William McKinley High School. She is an alto.

Early Life[]

Piper was a cheerful young child. She was charismatic and very quiet. In a way, she was quiet, but loud. Her personality was very young, childlike and she was a major fan of Harry Potter. Piper was often teased about her ginger hair, and then bullied in her late grade school years. She was rejected by her peers and she went on to middle school, where none of her old peers were. It was difficult to easily stride through her years, but she made it.

Current Life[]

Piper is currently a student at McKinley High School. She is very charming and lovely and Piper makes outstanding grades. She has an IQ of 127. Piper hates being inaccurate and she is incredibly aloof.

Piper has reading and English as accelerated classes and she is in band. She plays the clarinet and she is in advanced band. Also, Piper is in Algebra Honors and etc.

A horrible trait that Piper has, is the fact that she's a perfectionist. She isn't proud of it and she hates it, but she is one.


  • Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Favorite Artist: Colbie Calliat
  • Favorite Book: Oogy by Larry Levin
  • Favorite TV Show: CSI: Miami
  • Favorite Broadway: Mama Mia
  • Favorite Song: Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Calliat
  • Best/Favorite Roles She's Played In: N/A
  • GPA: 3.6
  • Best Friends: N/A
  • Current Boyfriend: N/A
  • Loyalties: Her family, etc.
  • Favorite Instruments: Clarinet
  • Favorite cartoon: N/A
  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Aristocats
  • Favorite Animal: Horse
  • Favorite Word: Seldom
  • Favorite Flower: Daisy
  • Favorite Store: N/A
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • Favorite Subject: English
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Movie: New Year's Eve
  • Usual Outfit: Cotton shirts, skinny jeans, Vans