Rowan Moore
Gender Female
Full Name Rowan Isabella Moore



Conley Moore

Lavender Moore

Relationships None
Vocal Range Soprano, E3-A7
Audition Song "Someone Like You" by Adele
Likes Chocolate, Music, Reading, Animals, Hair.
Dislikes Seafood, Most People, Feet.
Strengths Singing, Acting, Reading, Dancing, People.
Weaknesses Blood, Spiders, Snakes, Heights, People.
Occupation Student, Bookworms.
Portrayer Sandara Park

Rowan Isabella Moore (born March 9, 2025) is the daughter of a photographer, and a journalist. Rowan currently attends William McKinley Highschool, and is a freshman. Rowan was born in Seoul, South Korea, but her family moved here when she was three years old, do to her mother's job.

Early Life

Rowan was born to a photographer, and a journalist in Seoul, South Korea. When Mrs. Moore was offered a job to write for a news paper in Ohio, which was a high paying job at the time, the Moore family packed up, and moved to the stated of Ohio. While living in the US, Mr. and Mrs. Moore had two more children, and raised their family happily. While the family strived, Rowan found herself alone a lot of the time. Her parents worked, and she was only with the nanny before her other sibling had been born, and while her eldest sibling was in school.. Rowan's nanny would play her rock music, Madonna, blues, and many other genres. Before no time, Rowan would sing her heart out to it everyday day, morning til night.


Rowan currently attends William McKinley High. She is a transfer student, her family having just moved into Lima. Rowan is a freshman. Rowan is in the nerdy group, but is quite fashionable, so she avoids some teasing, but not all of it. Rowan is part of the caligraphy club, but hopes to one day be in Glee club, or maybe be in the cheerios. Rowan is quiet with her classmates, but will stand up to others when someone is being pushed around. She is quite defensive for a short, scrawny person.

Rowan loves to read, and write, and is currently writing a series of books about an asian foreign exhange student moving to a school in Ohio. Rowan takes care of her sibling after school, who is a little younger than she is. Rowan hopes to one day be a recording artist, or be a writer with a published work.

Rowan-Mimi Friendship

Rowan is currently under the tutelage of Maureen Mimi St. James, a perofrming star, who is the daughter of Rachel Berry. Mimi saw great potential in Rowan, and Rowan was happy to have a child star as her mentor.

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