Please follow IMPORTANT rules:

  1. Each team must obey these rules.
  2. Anything related to non-glee will be removed IMMEDIATELY. This does not include pictures for GIF parties.
  3. Each team must have control people. Like, King, or Queen. Or Captain, or President,
  4. 5 Princesses and 5 Princes per EACH team.
  5. The Glee Project Teams are NOT allowed here, since they are on The Glee Project Wiki.
  6. GIF Parties will go like this:
  • 100 Comments=GIF Party
  • 200 Comments=GIF Party
  • 300 Comments=GIF Party
  • 400 Comments=GIF Party
  • 500 Comments=GIF Party
  • 600 Comments=GIF Party
  • 700 Comments=GIF Party
  • 800 Comments=GIF Party
  • 900 Comments=GIF Party
  • 1000 Comments=GIF Party
  • 2000 Comments=GIF Party

Once it hits 1000 comments, you can only have GIF parties per every 1000 comments, etc..

Break any of these rules, each rule you break equals a 1 week ban


  • Encouraging others
  • Helping teams out
  • No profanity and cursing


  • SHIP BASHING= 1-3 month suspension
  • Profanity and Cursing= 3 days supension
  • Offending other users= 4 month suspension
  • Vandalizing any pages= 5 month suspension

We will soon have a Live! Chat, in the Chat Room, you may talk about:

  • Roleplay is HIGHLY acknowledge here
  • Anything, with a few exceptions. Do NOT talk about anything bad or horrible.
  • Play games that are appropiate.

Enjoy your stay at Glee Team Wiki!

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