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  1. Heather Morris confirmed that no one in the Glee Cast is a virgin
  2. Chord Overstreet is coming back on Glee
  3. Naya Rivera has five tattoos
  4. Lea Michele's favorite Barbara Streisand song is "My Man"
  5. Dianna Agron owns a tumblr called, "felldowntherabbithole" as a reference to Alice in Wonderland
  6. Cory Monteith's favorite video game is Call of Duty 4
  7. Mark Salling actually has one of his nipples pierced
  8. Darren Criss could sing and speak in italian
  9. Chis Colfer's spirit animals are a sea monkey, a llama, and a baby penguin
  10. Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk are Glee's biggest Trolls.