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Welcome to the Official Glee Wiki page in support of Bartie. This team is dedicated to the couple and the users who support them.

The BartiansEdit

  1. Queen Of Quinns
  2. Maxymax123 00:06, September 12, 2011 (UTC)
  3. FinchelFreak
  4. Isn't she lovely.....Yes she is, Artie!

The Bartie Team RulesEdit

  1. You have to have an account to join, and you are not allowed to sign more than once.
  2. Do not bash or vandalise the page; if you do not ship Bartie, go on a different page.
  3. Don't go around spamming other ship's pages.
  4. Respect the points of view of others.



Bartie FanfictionEdit

Please add safe Bartie fanfiction for fellow users to read.

☼ Bartie Royalty ☼Edit

  • Queen:Heart215
  • King: Maxymax123 00:06, September 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • Princesses (Contact Queen to be one, limit 5 users):
  • Princes (Contact King to be one, limit 5 users):
  • Knights (Contact Queen or King to be one, limit 7 users):
  • Loyal Citizens (Feel free to add yourself, no limit): Me!
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