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Ryan Murphy and Cory Monteith said that Finn/Quinn's relationship isn't true love, but Finchel definitely is.
So, if you accept this as truth, then sign your name!

This is a team dedicated to those who support Finchel. This team was created by Gleefinchelbartie.

The Truth, In Song []



Rachel- I’m On My Own with a Crush, what happened to Taking Chances? Lastly, I would like to thank you for knowing What A Girl Wants, it will never be time to Take A Bow. I know that you Don’t Rain On My Parade and you will always be My Man.

Finn- Hello I Love You Rachel, I just wanna let you know that I Can't Fight This Feeling, I loved you even when you were Jesse’s Girl. Later when You're Having My Baby, I'll Stand By You. If She’s Not There, I will be Losing My Religion. Don’t ever forget you’re amazing Just The Way You Are.

[[Rachel Berry|


Rachel]]- I will never forget What I Did For Love .The Climb is what brought me here to you and I’m so sorry if the thought of me being with Jesse Gives You Hell. I dont usually fall for people like you, but you are The Only Exception. Baby, you're a Firework, I really wish you would go out with me Baby One More Time. Maybe we could go to park and I won’t sing Papa, Can You Hear Me this time. I missed you Last Christmas, and I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas Darling.

Finn and Rachel- I just wanna let you know that You’re The One That I Want, whenever you aren’t here it is like there is No Air. You're the only one who can make me Smile. Sometimes it feels like we’re on a Borderline, and I’m wishing you would Open Your Heart. I know you won't Don’t Go Breaking My Heart like Last Christmas. Just remember Damn it Janet. With You I’m Born Again & I'm so happy we stopped Pretending. Don't forget that I'm forever yours, Faithfully.


Finchel, in Love

Finchel is the relationship between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry. Finchel is true love and nobody can deny that. Finn loves Rachel and Rachel loves Finn and let’s just say they are adorable together. They are each others best friends even when they're not dating.They’re so happy with each other and love each other for who they are. Even when Finn was dating Quinn and she was pregnant with what he thought was his baby, he couldn't help but fall in love with Rachel. They support each other and don’t care what people think of them when they’re together. They inspire each other to be better people. Finn makes Rachel so happy and when they're together they can't help but smile. They trust each other, Finn can be who he is with Rachel and would put his heart on the line for her. Instead of quitting football he wanted to score a touchdown and point to her in the stands because no one has ever been proud to date her. Nobody can take Finchel away from us, not the writers, not another couple, no one. So accept the truth that someday they’re going to have beautiful, football playing, Emmy award winning children.

Stop pretending not to love Finchel and become ours faithfully.

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Finchel Fanfiction[]

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Title: From This Moment On
Rating: M
Summary: The sequel to Brand New Start, From This Moment On is the new chapter in the lives of Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson as they continue their journey in New York. Taking place at the beginning of their senior year in college.
Author: Gleefully-Finchel
Status: In-Progress

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Get It Right (Glee) - Finn Rachel

Title: Get it Right

Description: Quinn tells Rachel what reality is to her face, only to send her off to write her own song. She then starts writing, but finds herself reminiscing everything that has come between them, both the good times and bad...

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