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Small Intro: Listen up guys! This team is for shippers that want Kurt to end up with Blaine. Some people would be fine if they didn't end up together, but some of us wouldn't! So please sign your name below if you want Kurt to be with Blaine. Klainebows await on this page! -Love with courage, Ilovekurtandblaine If there ever comes a day where we can't be together,|keep me in your heart, I will stay there forever Main Article (on Glee Wikia): Kurt-Blaine Relationship

"I love you..."

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"I love you, too..."

Our Rules, so please Respect them ♥[]


  1. You have to have an account OR, if you are an anon, you MUST link to your Special Contributions page (You can't sign more than once & you cannot sign for someone else.)
  2. You can't go around spamming other ship's pages.
  3. Don't delete anything that isn't yours.
  4. Respect other people's point of view.
  5. Don't start any ship wars.
  6. No inappropriate pictures.

Our Fabulous Klainers ♥[]

  1. If there ever comes a day where we can't be together,|keep me in your heart, I will stay there forever
  2. I can't be afraid, cause it's my turn to be brave
  3. The Banana Queen demands that you ship Damsay!
  4. They cant touch me,they cant touch usOr what we have
  5. QueenOfQuinns
  6. Littlemissbrittany888 <3 <3 <3
  7. --You just got poked,poked by the Dagger
  8. Melvis8♥
  9. JanetteWalter

The Klaine Royalty ♥[]

♥This section is for if you need help with anything Klaine, or if you just want to talk about Klaine, anythings fine!

  • Princes (Contact King to be one, limit 5 users):
  • Knights (Contact Queen or King to be one, limit 7 users):

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Fluffy Klaine Fanfictions ♥[]

Feel free to post safe Klaine fanfic sources. Nothing is above PG unless otherwise stated.

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