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This team is dedicated to those who support Quartie, also known as Quinn Fabray and Artie Abrams.


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Detailed Introduction
Well,Finn's a douche right now who keeps eyeing another girl up while he's with Quinn and gets into fist-fights with said other girl's potential suitor. Quinn should be with someone who isn't Mr. Popular for once, and Bartie has pretty much gone to crap. For all those who hate to see these two unhappy and think they would be a great match, please sign the heck up! In glee; they also sung two duets in the same episode

Rules Of This Team[]


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  1. If there ever comes a day where we can't be together,|keep me in your heart, I will stay there forever
  2. ILoveGlee hopes Quartie in Season 3
  3. Only thing to do is jump, Over The Moon
  4. LucyQuinnEvans wants Quartie now <33


Currently under construction!!

Reasons Why[]

All our beloved reasons are in this blog post right here. Why We Ship Quartie


♥♥♥ They look so PERFECT together! ♥♥♥

Quartie Fanfictions[]

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Title Summary Genre
By Chance or As Fate Would Have It Quinn's looking for change in her routine when she runs into a recently dumped Artie. Friendship/Romance
All My Dreams Artie decides to take the advice he was offered when he was 8 and starts a journal. He'll probably write in it every couple of days...or more, if he feels like it. Spiritual/Humor
The Smile On Your Face Companion piece to "All My Dreams." Quartie goodness, from Quinn's point of view. Romance/Humor
Beauty and the Geek "Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme..." A glimpse into the blossoming relationship started in my previous story Lean on Me. Friendship/Romance
Daughters Artie loves his family. He wouldn't change anything about it. Except the fact that his daughters are growing up. When his and Quinn's oldest gets a boyfriend, is where he wishes he had a life remote control the most. Family/Romance
Little Blessings Quinn, Artie, and Avery are perfectly happy with their little family, but something is missing. Part of the Averyverse. Chronicles their attempts at having another child. Family/Romance
Sweet Home California It had been Quinn's dream to move to California and the rest had followed suit. Quinn journal story. Romance/Friendship
Never Knew This Dream Of Mine Both Quinn and Artie started the year off with all their dreams finally coming true, or at least that's what they believed. Romance/Friendship
Knight In Shining Armour This summer Artie is feeling pretty low, but an unexpected connection with someone might lead him to getting out of a tangle of problems. Romance/Angst
Impossible To Deny The students of McKinley get paired for prom via an online survey. Romance/Humor
A Gleeful Collection A one-stop shop for all GLEE one-shots of multi characters and pairs. Latest piece: Blind Date: Kurt and Mercedes decide it's time to medle in their friends love lives written for High School Bingo and being posted for the 2011 Quartie Fic-A-Thon. Romance/Humor
Mama Who Bore Me Will is excited about performing on the Mother's day event...but apparently the kids are not. They all seem to have mom issues. The past of many of the glee club members is back, but...for good? Friendship/Romance
Unnoticed The beautiful head cheerleader and the school's resident geek didn't always notice each other, but once they did...there was no going back. The story of how Quinn Fabray and Artie Abrams came to be. Friendship/Romance
The Monster Mash It's October at McKinley, and Quinn decides that she and the glee club are gonna get in the spirit and have a Halloween Party! Romance/Humor
Lean On Me Post Sectionals. "When you're not strong. And I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on." Friendship/Family
A Whole New Direction Picking her name out of the hat was probably the best thing fate ever gave him. Romance/Friendship

Quartie Cinema[]


(Come Take the Weight off Me, Now) This video can't be embedded, but it's amazing.

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