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Hello people! I am Camilla in case you don't know my name..I am 13 years old! I am latina and italian. I am a brunette(Well yeah I have my Brittany moments but still...) I am an admin on this wiki! My birthday's on July 23rd. I've had a lot of problems in my life and glee has taught me to just be yourself and yeah..I'd rather not go into my problems..I love MICHAEL JACKSON .. I am going to get married to Damian McGinty in December lulz. I am a Quinn fan!! Haha..I have my reasons. I am really nice and my friends go on on and on and on AND ON.. on how I am such a Brittanyor a Rachel or a Quinn(Barley) luls..Yeah right. My OC characters are Lucille Dianna Evans,Taylor Reyes,Ariana Abrams, Gabby Carters,and Eric Hernandez. I am on a cheerleading team. I am hoping to be head again

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