I have lots of questions. 1. Should only the OC's that are made be on the OC list and have a link? I saw a couple OC's without a link so I didn't know if they were made or not. i also saw some OC's that were not made. 2. How come we can't have couples overlapping? I understand if its for roleplay reasons but we only have done OC roleplay twice. 3. Are more teams gonna get on the wiki? We have some crack couples and we don't have some canon couples! 4. Do we have to ask if we want to make one of the siblings for the people? Vivian has a lot of siblings so I think that if people want to make them I think they should ask. 5. Can we say on a page who the couples are? I'm not sure who the couples are. 6. Can we even do the most minorly characters together? Like Lord Tubbington and Charity(If we can I call doing Lord Tubbington and Charity).

I probaly have more questions I forgot. Can everyone who reads this answer? Thanks.

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